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Immunization-campaign reaction of Saudi Arabia citizens and residents during first six months of Coronavirus vaccine existence

Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Sherifa Mostafa M Sabra,1 Afaf Bushara M Ismail2


The COVID 19 vaccine provide acquired personal immunity against Coronavirus, its effectiveness is the risk of vaccinated participants compared with unvaccinated, reduces Coronavirus infections, efficacy preventing Coronavirus infections 95%. The aim was to prove Coronavirus vaccine effectiveness during the first period six months, that was approved from WHO for KSA, as well immunization-campaign was started at 17/12/2020. So to clarify the extent of its impact on protecting the societal immunity of KSA society. The “Study Proficiency” as used on all persons in KSA, the “Intentional Physical” was prepared the questionnaires. All participants were 100% citizens and residents of KSA was showed the importance of the research topic in the KSA societal immunity. About 96% was agreed that the Coronavirus vaccine exists in KSA, 94% was explained the extent feel protected from Coronavirus infections as a result of taking the Coronavirus vaccine. About half, 46% had received the Coronavirus vaccine, 94% was explained the importance of the Coronavirus vaccine for societal immunity protection and reducing Coronavirus infections in the KSA society. While 92% was urged those who refuse the Coronavirus vaccine to take it, 85% was found an improvement in the KSA societal immunity status of society. About 92% was helped to follow the societal immunity regulations of the Coronavirus vaccine. Showed 96% was confirmed the continuation of societal immunity precautions during the Coronavirus vaccine in the immunization-campaign for vaccination period. That of 84% was affirmed Coronavirus system should be pursued in other countries in order to reduce Coronavirus infections. That found 52% was advising to follow “Precautionary Health Strategy”, 26% was recommended the Coronavirus vaccine must taken to protect the individual and the KSA society, and 14% was protection by medication or therapeutic supplements such as vitamins. It was concluded that the Coronavirus vaccine had a clear effect on protecting the individuals health and societal immunity in the KSA society during first six months of Coronavirus vaccine existence. Despite the presence of a very small number of individuals rejecting the Coronavirus vaccine. It was recommend that the Coronavirus vaccine in the KSA had demonstrated its effectiveness, and therefore citizens and residents must take the Coronavirus vaccine to preserve the KSA individuals society health and societal immunity.


COVID?19 vaccine, Coronavirus, citizens and residents, KSA, ministry of health, precautionary health strategy