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Arts, design and culture: in search for sustainability

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Parode Fabio Pezzi,1 Zapata Maximiliano,2 Nythamar de Oliveira3

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Art and design complement each other in the search for quality and sustainability. There are designers who use methods in their practices within the field of art to produce unique meaning for their devices. This is the case of the Brazilian designers, the Campana Brothers. How can art contribute to the design culture of sustainability? How can art enhance consumer culture by design? In conclusion, what can contemporary art currently legitimize? To what extent can aesthetic experience in consumption become one of the ways to build cultural values on the horizon of sustainability? Strategic design, within its theoretical and methodological scope, can provide some answers. Considering sustainability as one of the contemporary paradigms that preaches durability as a value, this paper provides a reflection on the principles of desecration in current Brazilian art and the conceptions that bring art and design together – all through an exploratory approach and according to the methodology of strategic design.


design, art, cultural industry, Campana Brothers