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Patella dislocation with unusual osteochondral fracture, whilst playing virtual reality game

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
Sefa W Canbilen, Khaldoun El-Abed, Riaz Ahmad 


 Case:We present case of a 37-year old male who sustained Patella dislocation with an unusual osteochondral fracture (OCF) involving the posterolateral femoral condyle, whilst playing a virtual game, wearing virtual game headset with goggles. He was treated conservatively for patella dislocation and had the OCF treated surgically. At 18 months follow up, his patella was stable and the OCF had healed.

Conclusion:OCF of posterolateral femur following patella dislocation is unusual. It must be suspected in patients who sustain patella dislocation whilst doing deep flexion maneuvers. Patella dislocation can conceal an unusual OCF


knee, femoral condyle, osteochondral, fracture, patellar dislocation