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Temporal variation of wind speed and wind direction and interrelationship between air temperature and wind speed for different climatic seasons Northern State, Sudan

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Mohammed Ahmed Haj Alzubair,1 Motasim Hyder Abdelwahab2


The research aims to study the temporal variability of wind speed and direction and their correlation with air temperature in different climatic seasons in Northern State, to produce broad data base on winds variability and interrelationship between air temperature and wind speed for different climatic seasons. Mean monthly and daily climatic data dating back to 2001(first season) and 2011(second season) were obtained from Karima meteorological station representing three different climatic seasons namely: April for summer, August for autumn and December for winter. Data were subjected to simple regression analysis, statistical analysis and computations were done by “Excel 2000”. The results showed that the wind speed varied widely during each month and day even within the same climatic season. In two seasons, the diurnal variation for different climatic seasons Apr., Aug. and Dec. was much lower than the monthly; due to the higher monthly variability of wind speed. The results also revealed that the prevailing direction of winds was generally northwards. The results of April in the first season are presented as an example; the mean daily wind speed (Va) ranged from 0.6 to 17m/s, with a mean of 7.2m/s, a STD of 4.3 and a CV of 60%. The daily mean data ranged from 5.4 (3hrs) to 8.2 (24hrs), with a mean of 7.2m/s, a STD of 1.1 and a CV of 15.3%.The prevailing wind direction decreases in the following order: N>NE=NNE>NNW. The monthly variability of the air temperature in the two seasons decreased in the following order: winter> summer> autumn. Significant, inversely proportional and cubic wind speed-temperature correlations in the two seasons for Aug. and Dec. were (P<0.05, r=0.362); (P<0.01, r= 0.488); (P<0.001, R=585) and (P<0.001, r= 0.679), respectively.


climatic season, regression analysis, inversely proportional and Sudan