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Neonatal occlusion by strangulation of the caeco-appendix in a type I omphalocele of aitken: rare case

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Yassegoungbe MG,1 Guedenon MA,1 Boris MVLS Gogan,1 Metchihoungbe CS,2 Seto DM,3 Akokpe MHO,1 Segbedji GGPS,1 Amoussou AM,1 Fiogbe MA2


The omphalocele constitutes a embryofoetopathy which exposes the newborn to multiple complications including digestive one. We report the case of a newborn with Aïtken type I omphalocele under tanning according to the Grob method having secondarily presented a neonatal occlusion. Surgical exploration found a tight neck of 4cm with a sac containing the ascending colon and the strangulated caeco-appendix at the level of the neck. We proceed to the reduction of the handles. We also noted on exploration, an arrangement of the handles in an incomplete common mesentery. He underwent an appendectomy then a provision of the slender handles on the right and the colon on the left according to the LADD procedure with closure of the abdominal cavity in one step. The operative consequences were simple after a follow-up of 6 months.


occlusion, caeco-appendix, omphalocele, common mesentery, foetopathy, epidemization, teratogenic drug gestational anamnesis, fecaloid