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Application of artificial neural networks in estimating the number of species in benthic communities

International Journal of Hydrology
Antônio Pelli-Neto,1  Carmino Hayashi,2 Giovana Barbosa de Oliveira,Paloma Cristina Pimenta,3 Afonso Pelli3


The least squares method has been largely used in several areas, mainly because of its simplicity. It is a widely used knowledge tool. However, the current advances in Information Technology have contributed to the development of decision support systems, in a search for greater reliability of predictions from samples. The use of Information Technology in Limnology is still limited. The main objective of this study is to show the possibility of using Artificial Neural Network in the process of inference of the total number of the rate of biological communities from samples. Our data show that the use of nonparametric inference, along with nonlinear data mapping, may lead to more consistent and efficient results, as the Artificial Neural Networks.


species richness, diversity index, biological communities