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Psychological affectation in child maloclutions

Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
Maria N Rosende,1 Alina N Peláez,2 Edna Y Meza,3 Paola B Olivera4


In recent years, different investigations have highlighted the importance of constructing the diagnosis based on complexity in health, which implies putting the concept of comprehensive dental health in perspective. Occlusal alterations in childhood have a multifactorial etiology, considering the dental, muscular and skeletal factors of the stomatognathic complex as well as the subject in their psychism and social environment, noting the maturational development of the child, therefore this article presents an update on the affectation Psychology in child malocclusions and the impact they cause in the construction of the childhood personality.


Psychic affectation, Malocclusions, Childhood