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Explicative factors of the low uptake of modern contraceptives practice among women of childbearing age in Kumbo West Health District, North West Region, Cameroon

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Pierre Marie Tebeu,1,2 Edward Dubila,3 Jean Pierre Ngou Mve Ngou,5 Theophile Nana Njamen,4 Jesse Saint Saba Antaon,2 Eugene Kongnyuy6

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Introduction: Contraception is a main pillar for reducing maternal mortality. Modern contraceptive (MC) prevalence is low in Cameroon.
Objective: To analyze the explicative factors of low uptake of modern contraceptives.
Material and methods: This was a cross-sectional analytic study in Kumbo West health district, in the North West Region, after the Catholic University Ethical Committee approval.
A total of 250 women were interviewed on their use of MC, their socio-demographic and reproductive health characteristics. Ever users and never users of MCs were compared. Data analysis was performed using EPI-info.7.2 Odds ratio, with its 95% confidence interval (CI) was used to appreciate associations between different variables and no use of MC. The level of significance was set up at p<0.05.
Results: Among the overall 250 participants, 99 had ever use MC (39.6%) and 44 women were currently under MC (17.6%). Never use of MC was associated with low level of education (68.5% vs. 31.5 %; AOR=3.64; 95% CI: 2.74-4.82; p=0.0001); living far from the health facility (84.0% vs. 16.0%; AOR: 3.32; 95%CI: 2.23-4.95; p=0.0001); lack of counseling on MC (93.6% vs. 5%; AOR: 2.71; 95%CI: 1.97-3.75); p=0.0001); lack of couple discussion on MC (83.7% vs.16.3%; AOR: 3.07 (2.22-4.25); p=0.0001); decision for MC use belonging to the partner (71.2% vs. 28.8%; AOR: 1.31 (1.9-1.45); p=0.0001); and low monthly income less than 36 000 CFA was associated to non-use of MCs (64.9% vs. 35.1%; AOR: 2.56; 95%CI: 1.81-3.62, p=0.0001).
Conclusion: MC Uptake is low in Kumbo and most explicative factors are modifiable. Program managers must use them for developing strategies if they are expecting to increase the MC use.


low uptake, modern contraception, childbearing age, kumbo, Cameroon, explicative factors, low uptake