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The importance of continuing adequate lifestyle including exercise, daily activity and low carbohydrate diet (LCD) for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)

Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control
Yoshiaki Sakurai, Hiroshi Bando, Hiroko Ogawa, Shinji Nagahiro, Miwako Nakanishi, Osami Watanabe


The case was 71-year-old male patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). He was diagnosed T2DM at the age of 61 associated with thirsty, polydipsia and fatigue. HbA1c value was 12.5% and blood glucose profile was 150-300 mg/dL. Just after starting low carbohydrate diet (LCD), his blood glucose kept under 150 mg/dL all day long. He continued good diabetic control as HbA1c 5.8-6.8% for 10 years. Some beneficial points are found: i) keeping LCD with the feeling not stressful but pleasant for observing the normal glucose level, ii) walking daily for 2 hours, iii) continuing diary with exercise, medicine, activities and so on, iv) writing the diary for years every day, including exercise, meal, medicine, activities and so on, v) checking post-prandial hyperglycemia by meal tolerance test (MTT). For details of v), HbA1c was 6.5% in May 2021 and fasting glucose was 107mg/dL. Glucose values 45-min and 60-min after 3 meals showed 210-201-177mg/ dL and 195-213-172mg/dL, respectively. His various continuing behaviors contributed satisfactory glycemic control. This article becomes reference in the diabetic practice and research. 


Low Carbohydrate Diet (LCD), Japan LCD Promotion Association (JLCDPA), meal tolerance test (MTT), Calorie Restriction (CR)