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‘Failure’ of laser prophylaxis in an eye with stickler syndrome

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Mateo A Blair,1 David T Dao,3 Michael P Blair1,3 Michael J Shapiro1,2


Background: Stickler syndrome is one of the most common inherited connective tissue disorders and is an important cause of pediatric vision loss due to a high risk of retinal detachment in these patients. 
Methods: Case report
Case Summary: This case reports describes the clinical course of a 10 year old boy with Sticklers Syndrome who underwent bilateral peripheral laser prophylaxis. During routine follow up, he was found to have an asymptomatic giant retinal tear (GRT) with limited sub-retinal fluid expansion due to prior prophylactic laser. He underwent surgery with vitrectomy and scleral buckle with vision remaining at 20/25 at 6 month follow up.
Conclusion: Although the utility of laser prophylaxis in Stickler patients is debated, this case demonstrates that after laser prophylaxis, even if GRT develops, expansion can be limited. Laser prophylaxis along with frequent examinations, can prevent development of PVR and complex detachments and preserve macular function with excellent visual outcome.


stickler syndrome, retinal detachment, laser prophylaxis, fundus, giant retinal tear, vitreoretinopathy, cryotherapy prophylaxis