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Giant myoma associated with uterine prolapse during the second trimester of twin pregnancy: case report

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Camila Poccetti Ribeiro,1 Akemi Dafne Dasha Koiti Nakamura,1 Tamires de Menezes França,2 Gustavo Rubino de Azevedo Focchi,3 Gabriel Augusto Limone,3 Maria Gabriela Baumgarten Kuster,2 Roney Cesar Signorini Filho,1 Rosiane Mattar,1 Sue Yazaki Sun1

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A 38-years-old primigravida with twin dichorionic diamniotic pregnancy at 18 weeks of gestational age, had a giant myoma attached to the uterine fundus, resulting in uterine prolapse and restrictive gastric capacity. The patient went through a myomectomy at 18 weeks of gestational age. After the surgery, the patient was able to eat without vomiting and had a complete regression of uterine prolapse. One of the fetuses died two weeks after surgery, and the other was delivered by a C-section on the 36 3/7 weeks. The postoperative period was uneventful, and the mother and newborn were discharged four days later.


twin pregnancy, dichorionic diamniotic, giant myoma, uterine prolapse, myomectomy