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Successful pregnancy and delivery in patient with double uterus and in vitrofertilization

MOJ Women's Health
Gergana Ingilizova,1 Sergei Slavov,2,3 Galina Yaneva4


The presence of uterusdidelphys is a rare pathology that does not significantly affect the chances of achieving pregnancy in the absence of other factors of infertility. We present a case of a patient with a proven abnormality - the presence of uterusdidelphys- in which an IVF-ET procedure was performed due to male infertility factor. After embryo transfer of 1 embryo in each uterus, a singleton pregnancy was realized in the one uterine body. After a normal pregnancy, the patient wasdelivered near the due date by cesarean section without complications for the mother or fetus.This case provedthe hypothesis that patients with a double uterus have a good prognosis for pregnancy. In this case, male infertility was the leading cause of infertility and after a successful in vitro procedure, a pregnancy was achieved, which endedwith a successful termdelivery.


uterus didelphys, in vitro fertilization