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Perception of the Congolese population on Covid-19 vaccination: cross-sectional survey of online

International Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination
Aliocha Natuhoyila Nkodila,1,2 Philippe Ngwala Lukanu,1 Charles Nlombi Mbendi,3 Pierre Marie Tebeu,4 Jesse Saint Antaon Saba,4 Hervé Alex Kabangi Tukadila,2 Blaise Muhala,2 Gilbert Lelo Mananga,5 Ingrid Cecile Djuikoue,6 Etienne Mokondjimabe,2,7 Hippolyte Situakibanza,3 Benjamin Mbenza Longo2,3

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COVID-19 vaccines will become available in Democratic Republic of Congo soon. Understanding communities’ responses to the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines is important. We was conducted an analytical cross-sectional study online in 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo during the period from January to March 2021. A total of 11971 responses were included; mean age of respondents was 35.1±10.4 years; 79.4% were males; 90.5% had university school education and 55.4% has a high socioeconomic level. A frequency of poor perception of covid-19 vaccination is 75.6%. In a multivariable regression model, age between 46-55 years, 36-45 years and 26-35 years (aOR=1.54, CI: 1.27-1.87, aOR=1.70 CI: 1.35-2.13 and aOR =3.40, CI: 2.78–4.17, respectively), None profession and liberal profession (aOR=1.75, CI: 1.49-3.34 and aOR=2.52, CI: 1.89-3.34, respectively), moderate and low socioeconomic level (aOR=3.06, CI: 2.64-3.56 and aOR=5.89, CI: 4.11- 8.38, respectively), Low and very low risk of infection with COVID-19 (aOR=1.67, CI: 1.07-1.97 and OR=2.66, CI: 1.36-3.04, respectively; Moderate, low and very low risk of getting sick if you are infected (aOR=1.49, CI: 2.08-2.98, aOR=2.97 CI: 2.45-3.59 and aOR=3.89, CI: 3.11-4.82, respectively) were associated with a poor perception COVID-19 vaccination. In conclusion, the frequency of misperception in the Congolese population is high. It is associated with the poor perception of the disease and the socio-demographic characteristics of individuals.


COVID-19, perception, covid-19 vaccination, determinants