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Incidence of chlamydia infection among pregnant women attending antenatal clinic in a tertiary hospital in south-south Nigeria

MOJ Women's Health
Uchendu Chinemere, Diorgu Faith

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Chlamydia infection is common among sexually active people and most often asymptomatic with potential long term consequences for female reproductive health especially during pregnancy, the transmission is generally considered as a silent infection. This study investigated the incidence of Chlamydia infection among pregnant women attending antenatal care in a maternity hospital, in South-South Nigeria.  The study aimed to determine the incidence of Chlamydia infection among pregnant women, ascertain the prevalence of Chlamydia based on their age, trimester of pregnancy and parity.  The population of the study comprised all antenatal mothers who accessed care at a tertiary  facilities in South-South Nigeria from January 2010 to December 2019 with a total  number of  2,1738. Data collection was done using a structured checklist. Information was taken from the participants’ hospital folder.  Data collected was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics with Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 22.  Results revealed 7.3% new cases of Chlamydia from January 2010 – December 2019, within the age bracket of 30-39 years 41% the highest incidence; 51%occurring in 2nd trimester of Pregnancy; 53 %   in  parity 1-2. The study concluded that, age, trimester of pregnancy and parity are significantly associated with Chlamydia infection among pregnant women P<0.05).  Based on the findings, it is recommended that pregnant women should be routinely screened for Chlamydia infection as a way of reducing the prevalence and associated obstetric and neonatal outcomes. Pregnant women should also be given standard hygiene practice and behavioral life style education regarding STDs especially Chlamydia infection.


prevalence, chlamydia infection, pregnant women, antenatal clinic, tertiary hospital, south-south Nigeria