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Application of cinnamaldehyde for the postharvest storage of fresh horticultural products

Horticulture International Journal
Yuting Shen,?brahim Kahramano?lu,Chuying Chen,1 Jinyin Chen,3 Volkan Okatan,Chunpeng Wan1

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Transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture is the main cause of civilization. Humans have some basic needs including light, air, water, shelter and as well as food to survive. Horticultural products provide energy, proteins, vitamins and essential minerals for human. The postharvest losses of horticultural products are very high and the rates of losses significantly depend on the type of products and postharvest handling practices. Since the acceptability of the synthetic agrochemicals had been decreasing due to their scientifically confirmed negative impacts on human and environment health, it is required to find some safer alternatives. Essential oils are among the most tested and well known biomaterials providing beneficial effects on the storability of horticultural products. Herein, we aimed to highlight the importance and mechanism of cinnamaldehyde, the major organic compound of cinnamon essential oil (Cinnamomun zeylanicum L.) on the prevention for the postharvest storage of fresh horticultural produce.


cinnamaldehyde, postharvest storage, horticultural products, bioactive compounds, significant influence, negative impacts, horticultural produce, postharvest storage, cinnamaldehyde inhibits, phenols and flavonoids