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Efficacy of OmlivTM* an indigenous polyherbal formulation in the management of gallbladder/biliary sludge diseases


Biliary sludge is thick concretions or precipitates like substance present in gallbladder and is considered as precursor of the gallstones. In recent era, cases have been increasing significantly because of the routine ultrasonography examination of the abdomen in any abdominal problem. Therefore, asymptomatic incidental capture of the sludge in gallbladder is common now. Most patients undergo operations due to fear of biliary complications. OmlivTM, one tablet twice daily for 45 days has been tried in these patients with acceptable results. Gallbladder sludge has been washed out by this regime. Even nonmeasurable small concretions were also washed off. I present case series of three cases of different age groups to establish the possibility of the conservative management with OmlivTM in gallbladder/biliary sludge cases. The main objective of the present case report is the successful implication of the nonsurgical conservative approach to this subset of patients in whom the OmlivTM tablet has not only proved as economic mode of treatment but can avoid surgery also.


gallbladder sludge, biliary sludge, cholecystectomy, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, OmlivTM, conservative management, gallstone, ayurveda, herbal drug