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Aging and gut brain axis


The rapidly aging population in this century, with the accompanying age related disorders is a medical, psychosocial and financialburden on the society. This maturing of the population has been correlated with altered gut brain axis and chronic inflammatory state. The gut inflammatory reactions with release of pro-inflammatory metabolites are cause or/and consequence of age related disorders in elderly. Therefore, dietary microbiome therapies such as probiotic and prebiotics supplementation may induce beneficial changes in diversity and taxa of the gut microbiome resulting in healthy ageing. To summarize, research in this field is the need of the hour to understand senescence vis -a- vis gut brain axis.


gut brain axis, aging, microbiome, probiotic, prebiotic, inflammatory state, disease progression, breastfeeding, infection, antibiotics, diet and stress, autism, anxiety-depressive behaviours, functional gastrointestinal disorders, neuroglial cells and cognitive impairment, neuroinflammation