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Managing citrus orchards under climate change

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Citrus occupies the third position in fruit crop production worldwide after grapes and apple, while, citrus ranking the first position in world trading. Citrus fruits one of the popular fruits globally for their taste and flavor, currently there is more interested in citrus fruit consumption particularly under the COVID-19 pandemic due to higher Vitamin C content. Citrus are growing in warm climates from tropical to arid conditions in a wide range of temperatures ranging from 10?C to 35?C, while, Mediterranean climate is considered the most proper climate for citrus growth and productivity. Citrus has three or four growth cycle depending on climate conditions and water availability, Generally, vegetative growth starts with warm weather up to 12.8?C and growth increase continuously with increasing temperature up to 35?C, while, growth decline with rising temperature more than 35?C. Due to harsh climate conditions, there is a fluctuation in citrus production and annually drastic yield loss, because of rising temperature and water shortage, which causes weakening growth, flowering, and productivity of citrus.


citrus, climate change, rising temperature, tree productivity