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Biological control of fungal phytopathogens: A comprehensive review based on Bacillus species

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Muddasir Khan,1 Muhammad Salman,1 Sohail Ahmad Jan2 Zabta Khan Shinwari,3,4


Worldwide, emergence of new resistant fungal phytopathogens and use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides for the protection of crops lead to serious environmental issues. Due to these problems, the need toexplore alternative management approaches that are not only successful but also less harmful to the environment is of paramount importance. Bacillusspeciesare a good candidate for use as a biocontrol agent against these fungal phytopathogens because they produce various types of antimicrobial substances and their environmentally friendly behavior. This article provides basic knowledge of Bacillusspp.biocontrol agents, tools for identification of their biocontrol agents and techniques for screening of Bacillusspp. against fungal phytopathogens based on current findings. Specifically, if thoroughly explored, Bacilluswill remove the existing commonly used control agents such as fungicides, harmful cultural activities of health and control phytopathogens in the ecosystem.


bacillus, emergence, phytopathogen; biocontrol