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Techniques for collecting and breeding diptera muscomorpha in the laboratory

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Carlos Henrique Marchiori


Some species of dipterous included in the infraorder Muscomorpha are of fundamental medical and veterinary importance, since they can produce myiasis and act towards transmission of pathogens to humans and animals.The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the importance of techniques for collecting and breeding Diptera Muscomorpha (flies) in the laboratory. The adults collected in the field were placed in a freezer for a period of 2 minutes, to be anesthetized by the cold facilitating the separation. After separation, the adults were transferred to a cage (30 cm long x 15 cm wide x 15 cm high) containing water-soaked gauze, a mixture of milk powder, brewer's yeast and sugar to feed them. For oviposition of adult females, minced meat (baits) was provided. This content with eggs and larvae was transferred to plastic cups containing fermented food for pupae development of larvae. The cups were later transferred to the adult cages for emergence. The fermented feed used as oviposition medium was the most attractive for females in the laboratory, but also maintained adequate humidity and temperature for egg development. The mixture of powdered milk, sugar and brewer's yeast was ideal for adult food. This substrate increased adult longevity and average egg productivity per female.


flies, chicken, poultry, study, adults, eggs, larval