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Evaluation of a rapid test for serological diagnosis of Chagas disease, in Mendoza, Argentina

Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
Martinez NI,1 González Arra MC,1 Delgado D,1 Sierra P,1 Caccavari MV,2 Ansola CP,3 Vargas SF,3 Vera ME,3 Bontti S1


Chagas disease caused by Trypanosoma cruzi is a major public health problem. The diagnosis is difficult because there is no single test that has proven to be specific and sensitive enough for its detection. Diagnostic gold standard is the combination of two serological tests (of different format at the same time), and potentially a third test if the results are conflicting. These techniques often require special equipment. Immunochromatographic techniques are a practical and simple solution, recommended for field surveys. The purpose of this work was to evaluate the performance of a rapid diagnostic test for Trypanosoma cruzi on serum samples. The SD Bioline Chagas Ab Test® immunochromatographic test was evaluated analyzing 150 previously characterized serum samples. Inter-readers agreement, and assay specificity and sensitivity were analyzed. The specificity of the method was 99% and the sensitivity was 95%. The results were acceptable to recommend this test for population studies. Further studies will be needed to analyze whether this test can be included, in combination with other test of different format, as and alternative serological pair for the gold standard


chagas disease, immunochromatography, diagnostic test, sensitivity, specificity