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Wound management using homemade vacuum dressing, affordable and customized (homemade vac)

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Kwesi Okumanin Nsaful, Stephane Gentil

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Introduction: The vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) has proved to be very promising in the management of difficult to heal wounds. However, the first reports about the use of negative pressure wound device came from Argenta and Morykwas in the year 1997. Though there are various commercially prepared and manufactured vacuum assisted closure dressing materials, these are often unavailable or unaffordable to patients in third world countries. Our “homemade” vacuum dressing has been found to be, affordable for our patients and most importantly effective in wound management.
Materials and methods : The homemade Vacuum Assisted closure dressing was used for the management of some wounds which presented at our centre. These wounds were irrigated and thoroughly debrided. Our homemade vacuum assisted closure dressings were subsequently applied.
Results: The wounds healed well with good granulation tissue. Subsequent split thickness skin graft (SSG) done had very good take. The VAC dressing often resulted in good wound contraction with no need for SSG.
Conclusion: In our practice our “home made” vacuum which was affordable and customized proved to be effective in wound management.


wound, wound healing, wound dressing, vacuum assisted closure, mangled limb, negative pressure, beneficial results, interstitial fluid decreases, molecule synthesis, cell proliferation, below-knee amputation, anaesthesia or sedation