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Autism spectrum disorder: impact of diagnosis on children’s parents

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Rosa Martins, Nélia Carvalho, Ruben Carvalho, Susana Batista

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Objectives: To evaluate the impact of the diagnosis of autism in parents and to analyze its determinants. Methodology: Descriptive and correlational study. Used a sample of 138 parents enrolled in three Portuguese Association for Developmental Autism Disorders. The questionnaire included sociodemographic issues and a scale for assessing the impact of parenting.
Results: The impact of the diagnosis on the parents was moderate, but they are concerned about the future of their children, with the reactions and attitudes of the current society and lack of support / felt needs.
Conclusions: this study point to the promotion of intervention strategies by health professionals in order to minimize the negative impact that this diagnosis causes in families.


autism spectrum disorder, parents, impact of diagnosis, families, children