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Formulation and evaluation of orally disintegrating tablet containing taste masked mirtazapine

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Shrestha Prabhat, Shrestha Rajan, Shrestha Sahana


Objective: This study aims to prepare the taste-masked granules of Mirtazapine by mass extrusion technique and formulate it into an oral dispersible tablet using different super disintegrates.
Methods: Taste masked granules of mirtazapine were prepared by mass extrusion technique using Eudragit EPO in different ratios. The drug-polymer ratio was optimized based on the percent drug release in SSF and SGF. Taste masking efficacy of drug-polymer complex was determined by developing the bitterness threshold value of Mirtazapine. The selected drug-polymer complex was formulated into an oro-dispersible tablet by direct compression method. A randomized design was used to investigate individual effect of three different super disintegrates each in different concentrations. Ten formulations were developed including a controlled formulation without the addition of superdisintegrants. A comparative study was done based on various pre-compression and post-compression parameters. 
Results: Eudragit EPO was able to mask the bitter taste of Mirtazapine effectively in 1:2 ratio by mass extrusion method. The minimum disintegration time and wetting time was found to be 13.6±2.7 and 18.13±0.24 seconds with the formulation containing crospovidone 5% (F9). It was found that the wetting time and disintegration time followed the order SSG>CCS>CPV. The selected best formulation was subjected to an incompatibility study design. The IR spectrum showed that all the excipients were chemically compatible.
Conclusion: Thus, in this study unpalatable taste of Mirtazapine was masked using Eudragit EPO polymer by mass extrusion technique, and superdisintegrants were added to prepare orally disintegrating tablets of Mirtazapine. This research work suggests a rapid, simple and cost effective method for formulating Mirtazapine ODT.


oral disintegrating tablet, formulation, complexation, mass extrusion, oral drug delivery, polymer, dissolution