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Awareness of prostate cancer: A research study on Syrian private university students, Syria

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Sara Restum,2 Mazen Alloush,2 Muhammad Assem Kubtan1

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Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers in men, in 2018 there were 1.3 million new cases, according to a study conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research, resulting in a significant rate of deaths. Needless to mention that there is a lack of efforts to make this disease noticeable by public as being made in carcinoma of Breast in women. Our study aims to determine the knowledge level of student at the Syrian Private University concerning as well as raising awareness about prostate cancer. A cross-sectional study was done at the Syrian Private University in Damascus, Syria, between December 2020 until January 2021. The sample included students of all years from different faculties in the Syrian Private University. The data was collected by a questionnaire to measure the awareness of prostate cancer. The total number of participants was 446, from all faculties including males and females. The number of students who have heard about Prostate Cancer was 73.1%, and the percentage, of those who heard about the PSA Test was 52%. As for students of medical faculties from various years the percentage was 62.3% compared to non-medical faculties, where the percentage was only 19.5%, therefore it was clear that the practical side was weak among Non-medical faculties. This study showed a lack of knowledge about the risk factors of prostate cancer and its early detection methods, especially in non-medical faculties, It appeared that the most important reason is the lack of health awareness programs in Syria, accordingly it is very important in our society to encourage producing a campaign for the benefits of making the Syrians are aware of the risk of cancer of prostate. It’s well known within the medical profession that the first step against prostate cancer and its mortality is early detection, which requires the support of health awareness campaigns to explain the risk of the disease and related symptoms, and the proper management. To achieve our target , all public activities including the media , social network, and in addition to encourage the males approaching the age of at fifty years to participate in an investigating program aiming for early detection of prostatic malignancy before local or distant metastasis, bearing in mind that PSA test may represent the prim attempt to combat this killing disease , however it’s very important to raise the flag and stress that this publicity will not produce the complete protection of our males Syrians as it is well known that raised PSA means that cancer of prostate is already at least disseminated out the prostatic capsule , obviously the next step in our recommendation is the performance of precautionary magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the prostate as there may be a sign detected of prostatic sub capsular localized malignant lesion and this will pave the way towards performing ultrasound guided needle biopsy or fine needle aspiration . Consequently, we are also looking forward to dedicate a month every year to enhance knowledge of prostatic malignancy, increase screening tests, and support free examinations sponsored by the health authority. By achieving this target we may be able to declare that we have a proper awareness program to combat prostate cancer in Syria.


prostate cancer, awareness, students, knowledge, Syria