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Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of postpartum bell´s palsy

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Introduction: Pregnant women have more risk for Bell´s palsy compared to non-pregnant women. The majority of cases occur in the third semester of the immediate period post-partum. In traditional Chinese medicine, Bell´s palsy occurs due to the invasion of the external pathogenic factor Wind-Cold attacking the face´s channel.

The purpose of this study isto demonstrate why women in post-partum period had more propensity to Bell’s palsy and that the patient has chakras’ energy deficiencies that leads to propensity to develop this problem.

Methods:through one case report, 36 years old women who had cesarean section in on November 14th 2020. She wakes up in the next day with the face completely deviated to the right side and cannot close her eyelid in the right eye. She searched for Western medicine physician that orientate her to intake corticosteroids. She went to the author´s clinic and told the doctor that she always turns on the fan on top of her because she was felling much hot in her body during the pregnancy and after the partum. The treatment consisted in Chinese dietary counseling, auricular and systemic acupuncture. It was orientated to restart to intake the homeopathies, crystal based medications that was recommended to her one year ago, and she stopped to intake during the pregnancy.

Results: After the first acupuncture session, her face improved very well (50 percent) and she could smile and move the tongue, close her right eyelid better, and the deviation reduced completely using three acupuncture sessions. She also was orientated to avoid raw foods, cold water and walk barefoot and dry the hair after washing it and avoid to go outside her home during the guard period (for a period of 40 days).

Conclusion: Women in the post-partum period has more propensity to develop Bell´s palsy because they lost very much Blood and other fluids during the child-birth and usually loose much energy in this process weakening the body and had more propensity to the invasion of Cold and Wind, generation in this form, Bell´s palsy symptoms.


Postpartum, Bell’s palsy, External pathogenic factor, Diet, Energy, Acupuncture, Chakras, Homeopathy, Hippocrates