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Psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental disorders and epilepsy

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Antonia Regina Ferreira Furegato,¹ Gabriela Carrion Degrande Moreira²


Over the years, mental disorders have been discretely associated with epilepsy.
Objective: To carry out an integrative literature review on the psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental disorders associated with epilepsy.

Methods: BVS, LILACS, PAHO, BDENF, Pubmed and Medline databases and virtual libraries were searched, using the terms: “psychiatric rehabilitation and nursing and epilepsy”; “Psychiatric rehabilitation and nursing and epilepsy”; “Psychiatric rehabilitation and nursing and epilepsy”.

Results and discussion: sample consisted of 7 articles. Patients supported by a specialist nurse are well informed and have a high degree of satisfaction. Nurses are well positioned to work with patients' strengths in relation to self-efficacy and potentially resilient coping.

Conclusion: Clinical observation, interventions and nursing care help people with epilepsy as well as supporting and guiding their caregivers, being essential in the psychosocial rehabilitation process, health education and encouraging self-care with innovative and individualized interventions, promoting people's autonomy with epilepsy. We consider it important to promote studies and rehabilitation programs aimed at people with epilepsy, especially those who have associated mental disorder in view of their psychosocial organization in the simultaneous experience of two chronic diseases.


psychiatric rehabilitation, nursing, epilepsy, mental health, health services, new coronavirus, mental disorders, Health Sciences Descriptors, nursing, nutritional care and later, physical, cognitive rehabilitation, crisis control