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Chakras’ and energies deficiencies in the geneses of breast cancer


Introduction: Breast cancer is the most common cancer-affecting women worldwide. Western current perspectives are starting to comprehend cancer as a systemic disease from the start. In TCM, the formation of cancer is associated energies deficiencies with Heat retention. Spleen deficiency is one of the major causes of formation of Phlegm leading to the formation of tumors. There are studies associating the five elements in TCM with chakras’ energies centers and measuring the chakra, the author will be measuring the internal massive organs energy.
Purpose: To demonstrate that there is chakras’ energies deficiencies chronically present in the body of the patient with breast cancer. Also, to analyze the importance of treating the subject systemically, through the replenishment of chakras’ energies centers.
Methods: two cases report, both were female patients (42 and 56years old), with the diagnosis stress and anxiety in the first and the second with diagnosis of sub retinal fluid retention, both patients with past history of breast cancer twenty and six years ago, removed with surgery. Chakras’ energies measurement through radiesthesia procedure was done.
Results: all the chakras were in the lowest level of energy, rated in one out of eight.
Conclusion: patients with history of breast cancer have chakras’ energies centers deficient in energy and the replenishment of these chakras is the major importance to prevent future formation of metastasis, new cancer in other sites or the formation of any chronic diseases.


Breast cancer, Energy, Chakra, Diet, Acupuncture, Traditional chinese medicine, Homeopathy, Hippocrates