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Right to health: the clinical examination of the judicialization of public health in the face of mistanasia

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Ingrid Nascimento dos Santos,1 Matheus Mychael Mazzaro Conchy2


The  present  work  has  as  its  study  the  analysis  of  public  policies,  regarding  access  to  the  right to public health, as well as the difficulties, the neglect of the provision and the length of the concession. The difficult way for doctors to exercise their profession, excessive shifts, lack  of  specialists,  medicines  and  beds,  lack  of  fair  remuneration  and  various  problems;  the  analysis  of  the  judicialization  of  public  health  and  the  institutes  that  medicine  calls:  Euthanasia,  Orthothanasia,  Dysthanasia  and  Mistanasia.  The  methodology  used  was  the  tool:  bibliographic.  At  the  end  of  this  article,  there  will  be  an  examination  of  the  studies  analysed, and the effectiveness of the judicialization of public health.


right to health, public health policy, euthanasia, public policy, health’s judicialization, medically underserved area