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Develop a fashion based sustainable business strategy to protect the latest threat of minimum wages in Bangladesh garments industry

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Md Rajib Raihan,1 Md Eanamul Haque Nizam,2 Abu Bakr Siddique,3 Md Moniruzzaman4

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In the most recent year, Bangladesh's clothing industry is contributing 84 percent of yearly fare with a commitment of more than 32 billion to the absolute economy. To precede, this achievement the lowest pay permitted by law and specialist distress is the most recent danger. Bangladesh market is ahead against some remaining contenders like India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Srilanka because of the low work cost of our nation. Then again, the lowest pay permitted by law is an appealing approach apparatus for neediness decrease and social equity in the eye of the public authority. Yet, European and American purchasers are thorough to choose the all-out FOB on one computer piece of clothing for their business strategy. In the present circumstance, we need to support this serious market. In this study, the author builds up an applied exploration structure for getting away from the pursuer. As per the reasonable system, information has been gathered from various useful sources in Bangladesh. For gathering information, the creators have taken 05 composite processing plants of Bangladesh. This exploration shows various ways for feasible extravagant sort of trendy items to conquer this test. The outcomes can be actualized by the industrial facility of Bangladesh for the future turn of events.


Sustainable fashion, Fast fashion & supply chain, Garments costing, Fashion tools implementation, Fast fashion, Garments costing, Living wage of garments worker