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Comparative analysis on some quality attributes of sorghum stem sheath-moringa instant and infused drinks

MOJ Food Processing & Technology
Temileye Omotayo Adedeji,1 Kehinde Adekunbi Taiwo,2 Saka Olasunkanmi Gbadamosi2

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As  per  the  records  of  World  Health  Organization  (WHO),  it  is  assumed  that  more  than  60%  of  the  global  population  is  using  the  traditional  medicine  system  in  order  to  overcome several health related issues. Recent findings revealed that over 80% of the African  population  relies  on  medicinal  plant  species  for  their  primary  healthcare.  Due  to  the unaffordability of conventional dugs, medicinal plants like sorghum stem sheath and moringa represent the key products for both urban and rural populations for their healthcare needs. These plants have found to have great therapeutic relevance for fighting major health problems. The research study investigated the proximate, vitamin C, mineral composition and organoleptic properties of sorghum stem sheath-moringa instant and infused drinks at ambient temperature. The result showed that minimal increases were observed in ash and vitamin  C  compositions  of  the  enriched  drinks  with  increased  inclusion  of  moringa  leaf  extract. There was also a marginal increase in mineral contents not significantly improved in the enriched drink. The proximate compositions of the instant drinks were in the range of  0.079-0.232%  (protein),  10.88-11.51%  (carbohydrate),  0.005-0.008%  (fat)  and  0.25-0.28%  (ash).  The  vitamin  C  contents  of  the  infused  drink  ranged  between  0.22  and  0.88  mg/100ml. Moreover, based on sensory evaluation, the sample with 15% moringa flour was  most  preferred  in  terms  of  all  the  sensory  attributes  evaluated  by  the  panelists.  This  improved the nutritional value of the enriched drinks which can replace the laden fizzy carbonated commercial drinks in the market.


Instant, infused, drink, moringa, sorghum, stem, sheath