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Determination and calibration in the airway of the Mallampati, Patil-Aldreti tests, sternomentonian distance, interincisive distance

Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care: Open Access
Dr. Reynaldo Mena Camejo,1 Yacnira Martínez  Bazán,2 Dr. C Yurisnel Ortiz Sánchez,3 Kenya Dalia Leon Paz4

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An analytical, cross-sectional study was carried out in patients undergoing major elective surgery under general orotracheal anesthesia, at the “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes” University Provincial Hospital of Bayamo, in the period from January to December 2018, with the objective of evaluating the effectiveness of predictive tests of difficult intubation: Mallampati, Patil-Aldreti test, sternomentonian distance, and interincisive distance. For the calculation of the sample, the professional statistical program Epidemiological Analysis of Tabulated Data was applied, resulting in 269 patients, who were selected in the anesthesia office and applied the tests, after signing the informed consent. For the information processing, descriptive and inferential statistics were used. According to the Youden index, the interincisive distance was unsurpassed in effectiveness in all the tests performed, following the sternomentonian distance; The Mallampati test was the one with the lowest predictive value. Combinations of tests can increase the diagnostic value compared to the value of each test alone.


general orotracheal anesthesia, difficult intubation, easy intubation, predictive tests