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Nonconventional manufacture technique of cellular glass from recycled aluminosilicate glass-based waste 

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Lucian Paunescu,1 Marius Florin Dragoescu,2 Sorin Mircea Axinte,2 Felicia Cosmulescu3

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The paper aimed to experimentally produce by sintering/foaming at over 950ºC a cellular glass with excellent physical, mechanical and microstructural characteristics using glass wastes (soda-lime glass and halogen lamps bulb glass), coal ash and silicon carbide as a foaming agent. The paper originality consists in the use of microwave heating, which allows the achievement of low specific energy consumptions (below 1kWh/kg). The main characteristics of the best experimental variant were: apparent density of 0.29g/cm3, thermal conductivity of 0.072W/m•K and compressive strength of 2.4MPa being suitable for the use of the product as a thermal insulating material in construction.


cellular glass, microwave heating, soda-lime glass, aluminosilicate glass, energy consumption