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Ultrasound-guided percutaneous celiac plexus neurolysis for pain management in a patient with end-stage gastric cancer

Gastroenterology & Hepatology: Open Access
Delgado Maidana Walter, Vega Carduz Evanhy

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Celiac plexus neurolysis (CPN) is prescribed in cases of upper abdomen cancer, chronic pancreatitis, metastases, painful retroperitoneal tumors and chronic abdominal pain in patients who do not respond to treatment regimens based on high-dose narcotic analgesia. This study aimed at presenting a simple percutaneous interventionist technique ultrasound-guided, with excellent pain relief and free of major complications. We present a female patient, 37years old, with gastric cancer with metastasis and hospitalized for severe pain. Ultrasound-guided anterior celiac plexus neurolysis with 70% alcohol and 0,5% bupivacaine injection has provided effective abdominal pain control. They can be helpful in optimizing palliative care at home


celiac plexus neurolysis, CPN, ultrasonography, percutaneous, cancer pain, computed tomography, anesthesiology, ultrasonography