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Epidemiological profile of meningitis cases in the state of Alagoas, Brazil (2007-2018)

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Antônio Barros,1 Gabriela Amaral,1 Lucas Silva,1 Dalson Figueiredo Filho,2 Thiago Rocha1

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Objective:  To  explore  the  epidemiological  incidence  of  meningitis  cases  in  one  of  the  poorest Brazilian states, Alagoas, between 2007 and 2018.

Methodology:  The  research  design  employs  descriptive  statistics  to  examine  secondary  data from the Information System on Diseases of Compulsory Declaration (SINAN).

Results: In total, there were 1,683 cases of meningitis registered in Alagoas during the analyzed period. 2013 was the year with the highest number of records (221 cases). The most affected age group is between 20-39 years (438 cases). Bacterial meningitis is the most recurrent modality (416 cases), followed by viral meningitis (336 cases) and unspecified meningitis (278 cases). In general, men (994 cases) are more affected than women (686 cases).

Conclusions:  This  information  contributes  to  the  expansion  of  the  epidemiological  panorama,  allowing  the  formulation  of  public  health  policies  that  are  up-to-date  in  poor  locations in the face of biological problems.


meningitis, public health, immunization programs, public policy