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A rare case report of advanced secondary abdominal pregnancy of 22 weeks during COVID 19 pandemic

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Urvashi Verma, Asha, Meenal Jain, Prashant Lawania, Shivani

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Abdominal ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition where the embryo or foetus is growing in the abdominal cavity outside the uterus excluding fallopian tube, ovary or broad ligament.  It  can  be  primarily  located  in  the  peritoneal  cavity  or  secondary  to  a  ruptured  ectopic  pregnancy  or  tubal  abortion.  We  are  presentencing  here  a  rare  case  of  advanced  abdominal  pregnancy  (AAP)  in  a  very  young  women.  Very  few  cases  are  reported  till  now and there are no clear cut guidelines regarding management of advanced abdominal pregnancy. This case we received when Covid 19 pandemic was as at its peak, many hospital  were  shut  down  by  order  of  government  authorities  as  not  having  the  facility  of  following covid protocol regarding screening and management and elective surgeries were also abandoned in India. On ultrasound there was a foetus of 22 weeks found in mothers left lumber/left hypochondrium outside the uterine cavity. Her urgent laparotomy was planned  as  patient  may  land  up  in  catastrophe  any  time  and  managed  successfully  with  good co-ordination and support of various teams from Microbiology, Surgery, Anaesthesia, Obstetrics and Gynaecology departments of Sarojini Naidu Medical College Agra, Uttar Pradesh India. This case report supports the importance of routine antenatal checkups and first trimester ultrasound which was missed by patient that again may be because of lack of awareness and terrific environment because of pandemic. Timely diagnosis and teamwork management also plays important role for such a life-threatening condition to avoid maternal morbidity and mortality.


ectopic pregnancy, advanced abdominal pregnancy, secondary abdominal pregnancy