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Immune response by the human body to SARS-CoV 2 infection

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A new virus SARS-CoV2 is responsible for Covid-19. Many existing drugs were tried but failed to treat Covid-19 patients. To begin with our immune system also couldn’t cope with Covid-19, therefore within no time it became pandemic. It is a well-known fact that our body fights against all infections and inflammations through well-organized immune system. The human immune system is made up of individual cells (T and B cells) and proteins as well as entire organs and organ systems. The organs of the immune system include skin and mucous membranes, and the organs of the lymphatic system. The skin and mucous membranes are the first line of defense against germs entering from outside the body and once the infection enter in the organs and tissues lymphatic organs take over. Additionally, here we also described gut bacteria and food to build up immunity. In this way human beings are fight against the new virus SARS-CoV2 infections.


immunity, commensally, bacteria