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Notions about pregnancy and parasitic diseases

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Bastidas Gilberto,1 Bastidas Daniel,2 Bastidas-Delgado Geraldine2

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In pregnant women, parasitic diseases constitute an important public health problem due to physiological factors that characterize this stage. That is why it is crucial to review different aspects of the parasite-host interaction as tools for the prevention and control of these pathologies during pregnancy, the objective of this paper. This is a documentary-type investigation. The information obtained was grouped into 6 chapters: resistance or susceptibility of pregnant women to parasitic diseases, anemia and parasitic diseases in pregnant women, relationship between micronutrient deficiency and parasite infection in pregnant women, congenital transmission of parasites, treatment of some parasitosis in pregnant, and conclusions.


Pregnancy, Parasitic diseases, Parasite, Immune system