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About slow hydrostatic engine utilization from the structure of hydrostatic systemsfor machines and building equipments traction

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Daschievici Luiza, Ghelase Daniela

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The relative comfortable solution of practical problems concerning the building and kinematics of different mechanisms through the use of hydrostatic driving confer them a large applicability in the structure of the machines and building equipments. The advantages of using hydrostatic drivingĀ  in this area emphasized especially in the conditions of the actual rhythm of intensification and diversification of building works. In order to fulfil the needs of building equipments, the quantitative effort of their production must be supported by a continuous preoccupation concerning the obtaining of equipment with improved performances. The experience gained so far, the studies and the researches proved the machines and the building equipments with hydrostatic driving have an increased productivity, are more competitive and safer in exploitation.


kinematics, building equipments, hydrostatic driven, hydrostatic traction, simplified gearbox, simplified controls, simplified controls, planetary axles, hydraulic circuit, roller blades, slashers, rolls compacters, rotating movement, hydrostatic slow engines, parabolic functions