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Fungi diversity associated to root of wild orchid species from zacapoaxtla and xochiapulco insierra nororiental poblana, Mexico

Horticulture International Journal
Citlalli Harris-Valle, Marisela Ramírez-Morales, Ezequiel Mora-Guzmán, Martín Palafox-Rodríguez


In this work are described endophytic fungiassociated with orchids, since they can have the function of facilitating the nutrients assimilation or act as biological barriers against infections in plants, although some fungi are of the parasitic type. The fungal species associated with different native orchid species of the Sierra Nororiental Poblanain Mexico were isolated and identified to know the diversity of them,and infer about the importance of the plant-fungus interactions. Fungi could only be identified up to genus, one isolated species is symbiont, the mostisolates arepathogens and secondly the number of antagonist isolates. The purpose is to be able to obtain one or more fungal isolates that facilitate the propagation of these important ornamental species.


orchid, mycorrhiza, antagonist, pathogen, cultivation, fungal colonization, plant propagation, epiphytes or terrestrial, biological biocontroller, branching angles, branching points, wild specimens, facilitate the propagation, ornamental species