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Diversity, abundance and habitat association of avifauna in Menagesha Amba Mariam and Gara Medhanialem forest, in Oromia Region, Ethiopia

International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology
Tamenut Desalegn,1 Shimelis Aynalem,2 Nega Tassie3

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The study was conducted from August 2018 to March 2019 by considering the wet and dry seasons. The aim of this study is to investigate diversity, abundance and habitat association of bird species in Menagesha Amba Mariam and Gara Medhanialem forest. Stratified random sampling technique was employed. Point transect techniques was applied in forest and woodland habitats and line transects technique was used in the farmland habitat. Shannon diversity index and chi-square test were employed for data analysis. A total of 112 bird species that belong to 16 orders and 45 families were recorded. Three are endemic to Ethiopia and Twelve species endemic to both Ethiopia and Eritrea. The highest species diversity (H'=3.60) was recorded from the forest habitat and the lowest (H'=2.95) in the farm land. The association of bird species with habitat was statistically significantly different in wet season (χ2= 1702.9, df=180, p<0.001) and in dry season (χ2=1497.5, df=172, p<0.001). Availability of food and nesting sites were the major factors determining the diversity of birds. Government officials and local community participation is needed for conservation of Menagesha Forest resources.


bird species, habitat type, Menagesh forest and species similarity, wildlife, wide ranges, vast depression, avifauna diversity, Passeriformes, ecosystem, great benefits, ecosystem functioning, pollination, insect populations, vegetation type, tree abundance