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Stability of plasmid pBR322 within Escherichia coli cells

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Tahsin Tabassum, Tasmin Tabassum, NafisaTabassum, Syeda Muntaka Maniha, Rashed Noor

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Insertion of plasmids into the bacterial cells is of great significance especially in course of the transfer of drug resistance, virulence and other traits. Retention of plasmids within the host bacteria is therefore an important factor for bacterial homeostasis. Current study inferred the pBR322 plasmid stability within the Escherichia coli competent cells. The calcium chloride heat shock method was used for the transformation purpose. The plasmid retention phenomenon was assessed through the replica plating. The results positively showed the plasmid retention within E. coli.


pBR322, plasmid stability, Escherichia coli, replica plating