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Return to neptunism: review article

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The article tries to revive the traditions of neptunizm. The neptunist Cuvier believed that «the fossil is the key to the past. The past is characterized by a radical break with the present, perhaps  it  even  proceeded  according  to  another  physical  laws.  This  is  evidenced  by  the  fossils. With the modern action of physical forces, all the deceased remnants decompose. Fossils could have formed during catastrophically rapid burial with reliable isolation from oxygen. The present is the key to the past according to the lawyer Lyell. The past is like the present. It contains an incredible amount of time and years. All processes were going with the same energy as they do now and were not overshadowed by any gigantic disaster. Lyell’s statements entered science under the name of the principle of actualism. He gave a paradigmal form not only to the earth sciences, but to all of science, and formed the basis of  the  evolutionary  doctrine.  The  fundamental  dogma  of  randomness  of  both  natural  and  all historical processes is the basis of modern scientific ideology. This randomness has no purpose  and  cannot  have.  Nevertheless,  paradoxically,  it  predetermines  the  evolutionary  progress  of  all  things.  With  the  appearance  of  the  anthropic  principle  the  teleologism  regains  its  completeness  and  direction.  The  anthropic  principle  is  teleological.  Since  the  entire Universe and the biosphere are attuned to human nature, the more such attunement can be expected from earthly nature. There are opportunities for harmonizing human with natural landscapes for health-improving purposes. Nothing was known about the subtlest adjustment of the Universe for humans, or about the incredible complexity of the biosphere even  50-70  years  ago.  The  universe  could  be  explained  by  evolution  and  actualism.  The  discovered incredible complexity of the world brings religion and science closer together. A catastrophic and probably anti-random picture of the planet’s history is emerging more and more clear. In this light, the power of science is seen again not in confrontation with religion, but in harmonization with it.


Neptunism, Great Flood, teleology, actualism, catastrophism, ideology, the anthropic principle, global hydrospheric catastrophes