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Composition and basic techniques in pharmacology laboratory: example of in-vitro study of cytotoxic drug candidates

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The minimum biosafety level of pharmacology laboratory for in-vitro study of cytotoxic drug candidates must be level 2. To ensure good quality results, the pharmacology laboratory must be equipped of specified material, and researchers must have good laboratory techniques. Globally, we can divide the material for in-vitro studies of drug candidates on cancer cell lines into two parts: the material outside of the culture room and the material inside the culture room. We resume the basic techniques for in-vitro studies of candidates and cytotoxic drugs on cancer cell lines into different steps. First is the preparation step (prepare phosphate-buffered saline; prepare the incubator solution; clean the culture room; prepare the complete culture medium); second is thawing cells; third, check that the cells attached to the bottom of the petri dish or culture flask; fourth, subculture; fifth, cell count; sixth, cryopreservation; seventh, Proliferation and toxicity assays. 


biosafety, pharmacology lab, in-vitro, cells