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Sources of spreading COVID-19 cases and afford made to control the infection in India

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Jang Bahadur Prasad,1 Arvind Kumar,2 Sudhirgouda H Patil,3 Rajeshwari Annappa Biradar4

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Background: To study the source of increasing of COVID-19 cases in India, and also evaluate the afford government made to disconnect the chain of infectious disease along with published data quality.

Materials and methods: COVID-19 data was obtained from website of Kaggle, which comprised details of individuals suffered with COVID-19 in India. Further, spot snap of COVID-19 situation as on 2nd July, 2020 was also taken to fill up the gap susceptibility. Moreover, analysis was carried out by univariate and bi-variate techniques in Microsoft Excel 2016 statistical software.

Results: In India, first five cases diagnosed with COVID were Indian, had international travel history and next 16 were Italian. These 21 cases were diagnosed in above mention states by 4th March, 2020, and when lockdown was declared, cases reached in 24 Indian states. The worst state with highest number of active cases about 160 per 100,000 population was in Delhi with Case Fatality Rate (44.6 per 1000 Cured and Deaths). Ladakh was second worst in highest number of active cases (147 per 100,000 population) followed by Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Goa. Case Fatality Rate was highest in Maharashtra (79.6 per 1000 Cured and Deaths) followed by Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Delhi etc. Delhi and Tamil Nadu was in worst situation in controlling of COVID-19 than the other state. The best state was Meghalaya with active cases 0.3 with alarming Case Fatality Rate 22.3 followed by Jharkhand.

Conclusion: Indian travelled from different countries and Indian government were responsible for spreading of COVID-19 throughout country. Delhi and Tamil Nadu was in worst situation in controlling of COVID-19 than the other state. The reason for wide variation in active cases of COVID-19 may be unrest in community due to labour movement. Hence, for COVID-19 containment, there is need necessary steps for providing better health facilities, awareness of positive and negative effect of COVID-19 and restricting the state-wise public movement until COVID-19 will not come under control.


active case ratio, COVID-19, travelled history, India, labour movement, alarming rate, novel coronavirus, critical care, substantial attention, chain of transmission, quarantine, basic strategy, licensed vaccine, alleviation mediation, hand cleanliness