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Long-term complete remission under TDM1 and local radiotherapy treatment on an inflammatory HER2-positive breast cancer

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Miguel Borregón, Katherin Martínez, Irene Ramos, Alba  Ramos,  Manuel Alejandro Mazariegos, Beatriz Berzal, Cristina Gómez, Margarita Díez, Irene Otero, Juan David Cárdenas, José Ignacio Chacón, Carmen Esteban

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Premenopausal female patient is diagnosed at the age of 45 with locally advanced inflammatory HER2-positive breast cancer with axillary node involvement. Her disease reveals bad prognostic factors. In spite of radical mastectomy after intensive neoadjuvant treatment based on chemotherapy and trastuzumab-pertuzumab, early skin infiltration recurrence overcomes. She receives local radiotherapy and TDM1 therapy as first advanced disease line. Toxic side effects are not relevant. She achieves four-years-long disease-free survival. Precise treatment selection is challenging but can find out cancer defeat.


Premenopausal patient, Breast cancer, Inflammatory, Homolateral axillary