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Challenges of bank senior executives at midlife: a phenomenological case study

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics
Mary Jane M Valero, Maria Claudette Agnes

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Midlife is commonly associated with crisis caused by negative experiences during the middle period of life. Perceived crisis results middle-aged individuals become vulnerable and stressed. There are reports at midlife stage showing a decrease in happiness, life satisfaction, and worth whileness, while an increase in suicidal rate. Given these alarming facts, the researcher aims to revisit the mental health of midlifers by verifying the trigger of the perceived crisis during the midlife stage through phenomenological study which can be used as a basis for an intervention program. This aims to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and the likelihood of developing an illness as well as to promote mental well-being. The researcher explored the challenges encountered by 41 Senior Executives’ (with rank of Senior Manager to Senior Vice President) through focus group discussion and interview. This is supported by observation of the current scenario, review of related literatures and theories. These Senior Executives come from one financial institution in the Philippines whose age ranges from 40 to 55 years. With the gathered data, descriptive thematic analysis and repertory grid were used to determine patterns of their challenges. From these methods, themes were formulated based on the theories of Levinson, Jung, and Erikson and analysis resulted from the following findings: (1) Due to the emerging future, Senior Executives become conscious on their apparent aging and possible health problems, (2) More than half of the Senior Executives are self-deliberating and confused, (3) A number of female Senior Executives have been found to be more concerned about their relationship towards family and friends than males, and (4) Male and female Senior Executives have similar patterns of challenges such as Impermanence, Individuality and Interrelation.


midlife, crisis, senior executives, stress, depression, chronic and could lead, anxiety, depression, autonomy, individuation, self-acceptance, generativity and stagnation, experience problems, financial institution, self-deliberation, sandwich generation