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Inebriated liver causing mesangial turmoil

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Luis Caraballo,1Adalberto Gonzalez,2 Joel Brooks,2 Evelyn Bryon,2 Jose G Pantaleon,2 Jose Gascon2

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IgA nephropathy is the most common primary glomerular disease worldwide, diagnosed 10% of renal biopsies in the United States, up to 20% in Europe and approximately 40% in Asia, the latter being the leading cause of ESRD in Asia. Multiple studies have shown the relationship between cirrhosis and the development of glomerular lesions leading IgA deposition in the mesangium causing IgAN. Here we present an unusual case of a 64-year-old female presenting with IgA nephropathy induced by liver cirrhosis.


glomerular lesions, IgA nephropathy, hepatocellular carcinoma, leukocytoclastic vasculitis, leukocytoclastic vasculitis, etiology, hypogastric area