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Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases – past, present and beyond

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Jyoti Oswalia1, Kavita Vasdev2

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Surge in infectious diseases either emerging or re-emerging can be seen almost every year. The emergence can occur in different forms such as an adaptation of the organism to provide resistance against an antibiotic or mutation in an existing non-pathogenic strain making it virulent strain or spread of a zoonotic agent to the humans. The advancement in infection only goes on to continue without any hindrance due to the various factors including increased population, intense inter globe travelling, climate change, and loss of habitat. The control of emerging or re-emerging diseases is quite difficult but not impossible, this review underlines the factors responsible for the emergence and possible precautionary measures that can be taken, along-with the detailed mention of various pandemics faced by human kind.


Emerging, infectious disease, COVID-19, SARS, pandemic, epidemic