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Influence of chromosome 6 deletion on the expressional characteristics in humans

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Taskina Murshed, Rashed Noor

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Deletion of chromosomal fragments bring about the devastating disease onset which is apparently almost incurable. Such deletions usually arise denovo as well as from the unstable chromosomal translocations, which in turn affect the terminal part of a chromosome or an interstitial region, making a large number of genes malfunctioning with the onset of various complications. Chromosome 6q deletion happens due to a missing copy of the genetic material existing within the long arm (q) of the chromosome, which causes the loss of multiple necessary genes ending up with an array of physical and mental abnormalities. current review discussed the background of such deleterious effects along with some examples, and depicted on the possible mechanisms; i.e., the genetic insights of chromosomal breakpoint based on the information gathered from the previous literature which could be useful in perspective of the surveillance of genetic disease as well as for the maintenance of the mass public health.


Chromosome 6q deletion, clinical complications, genetic insights of chromosomal breakpoint, public health